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About Me  

Hi! My name is Nadine Stokes. My professional background does not follow the traditional career path of an Instructional Designer. I am transitioning from a Corporate Records Administrator role into the Instructional Design & Technology profession. Why did I decide to change my career path? I am enthusiastic about creating instructional content, and using instructional technology that will create and deliver educational and training materials to learners from all walks of life in a variety of ways!

I received an Instructional Design & Technology Certificate from Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio, September 2021. I have completed my Master of Science, Instructional Design & Technology degree program at Franklin. I will graduate from the program January 2023. My long-term goal is to pursue certifications that will further advance my Instructional Design & Technology skills. Current trends in Instructional Design are consistently evolving. Continual education in Instructional Design allows me to keep up with the needs of today’s learners.

My experiences in the Instructional Design program can be compared to a traveler that has taken a journey to an unfamiliar place for the first time. Fear of the unknown will challenge the complacency that accompanies familiarity. If the traveler succumbs to fear, a once in a lifetime journey will never come to fruition. Like the traveler, while traversing on my educational journey, I traveled through territories that were unfamiliar to me. I was forced out of my comfort zone. As I persevered, this amazing journey introduced me to the endless educational opportunities that can only be attained through Instructional Design.

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.

Anthony Robbins